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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Charlotte Martin

Charlotte Martin was a successful French model from the late 1960s and the early 1970s, and today is a painter.

Early Days and Modeling Career
She was born as Catherine Martin on September 20th 1948 in Paris, France, and had an extremely structured, confined childhood. In that world there was no room for space, colour, freedom or excitement.
She initially escaped through physically changing her environment by moving to London; through modeling in Paris, Milan and London she changed her name from Catherine to Charlotte, creating a new identity for herself and she embarked on a lifestyle of no boundaries... out of control, in the hedonistic world of living with the cream of 1960s London's music and fashion world. Her name has been linked to Eric Clapton, The Beatles, Jimmy Page and Martin Sharp, Australia's most famous pop artist.

1967, March 1st - Charlotte Martin modeling in the British Vogue, by David Montgomery. From ciaovogue.blogspot.com

1967, July - Honey Magazine. Introducing new models. Charlotte Martin portrayed by Ray Rathborne. The info comes as follows: Born 19th September; Height 5'8"; Bust 34", Waist 24"; Hips 35"; Shoes 4 1/2; Eyes green; Hair blonde. From http://emmapeelpants.blogspot.com

1967 - Petticoat Magazine. Unknown futher details. Many thanks to Alix Chavasse for sending them.

1969, March - Petticoat Magazine. Clothes by Sylvia Ayton and Zandra Rhodes at The Fulham Road Clothes Shop. Photograph by Karl Ferris. From http://emmapeelpants.blogspot.com

1969, March 29th - Last 7 scans of Charlotte Martin and an unknown model posing for the Petticoat Magazine. Photos y Roger Stowell. From www.Vintage-a-Peel.co.uk

1969, September 15th - Charlotte Martin by Barry Lategan for the Vogue Magazine. From www.ciaovogue.com

Fall 1969 - Charlotte Martin pictured by Barry Lategan. Unknown further details. From http://iamthechildofthemoon.blogspot.com


1970 - Last 4 pictures: Charlotte Martin and an unknown model posing for the Chérie Moda Italy magazine. Two first pics from sixtiesnseventies.tumblr.com and two lasts from Vintage Groupies Livejournal.

Last 3 scans - Charlotte modeling for the British "19 Magazine" in the 1970s. Further details unknown. Courtesy of Divat Rose.
1971 - Charlotte modeling an Ossie Clark velvet dress, from "19 Magazine". Found via http://www.c20vintagefashion.co.uk

1971, April 1st - 2 scans from British Vogue. Maudie James, Shirley Ann and Charlotte Martin portrayed by Barry Lategan. From www.ciaovogue.com

1972, March 9th - Last 5 pictures showing a beautiful Charlotte Martin modeling for the "19 Magazine" wearing Country Style clothes. Photographer unknown. Found via flickr.

Relationship with Eric Clapton
From 1965 until 1968 Charlotte Martin was Eric Clapton's girlfriend.
In Eric's autobiography (p. 85), he writes: "At the Speakeasy Club, I had first met one of the great loves of my life, a very beautiful French model, Charlotte Martin. I was smitten with her from the very first moment I set eyes on her.She was very beautiful in an austere way, classically French, with long legs and an incredible figure, but it was her eyes that got on me. They were slightly Asian with a downward slant, and a little bit sad. We started dating right away and soon moved together into a flat in Regents Park belonging to Stigwood's partner, David Shar, who was the finantial brains ehind the organization. Charlotte was an incredible girl, more interested in films, art and literature than in modeling, and we had a great time together." 

Another 1960s model and icon, Pattie Boyd, also wrote about her in her biography Wonderful Tonight: "I [Pattie Boyd] was friendly with a French girl [Charlotte] who was going out with Eric Clapton. She was always flirtatious with [my husband Beatle] George [Harrison], but so were a lot of girls and he, of course, loved it. Then she and Eric broke up - Eric told her to leave - and she came to stay with us at Kinfauns."
"It was 1st January 1969, and George and I [Pattie Boyd] had seen in the new year at Cilla Black's house. (...) We arrived home in good spirits but then everything went swiftly downhill. The French girl didn't seem remotely upset with Eric and was uncomfortably close to George. Something was going on between them, and I questioned George. He told me my imagination was running away with me, I was paranoid. Soon I couldn't stand it so I went to London. (...) Six days later George phoned me to say the girl had gone and I went home."
Eventually Pattie Boyd fell in love with Eric Clapton and left George Harrison for him (in 1975).

Both George and Eric  had said about it in interviews, bu they never said the French girl's name. Eric is quoted saying: "The reason why I deprived him [George] of the wife [Pattie] is that he had put out his hand to my girl [Charlotte] first. I thought that I revenged it on him."
And George is quoted saying: "The reason why he deprived me of the wife is that I deprived him of the girl first. He revenged it on me."

1967 - Eric and Charlotte portrayed by Robert Whittaker. From jairaji.tumblr.com

1967 - Charlotte at Windsor crochet'n'roll, with Eric Clapton and his parents. Posted by Jeff Dexter at the UFO-ria! group on facebook https://.facebook.com/groups/15826451545830 Many thanks to Danika for sharing!

1967, April - Charlotte Martin and Cream pictured in London's Holland Park, by Robert Whitaker. Last photo from the book "Strange Brew". Many thanks to Kana.

1967, May - A series of photos of Charlotte photographed by Robert Whittaker for the Cream's album cover "Disraeli Gears" because she was one of the 'alternate society's' style leaders. Many thanks to Kana for the last pic.
1967, June - Charlotte Martin, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in Paris.

Eric Clapton in Paris, June 1967. Photo by Alain Dister.

1967, June 25th - Charlotte Martin at The Beatles performing 'All You Need is Love' at the Abbey Road Studios. Screen caps by Annie Page Barrett. Thank you!

1967, August 20th - Cream with Charlotte and Janet Bruce at London Airport leaving to Los Angeles. (Photo by George Stroud/Express/Getty Images).

Picture of Charlotte and Eric Clapton taken in Sausalito, San Francisco by Janet Bruce during the band's first visit to California as a part of Cream US tour in the summer of 1967, the "Summer of Love".

Charlotte Martin pic published at Music Maker magazine dated October 1967 in the article "Windsor a new look in Festivals". Charlotte Martin attended with then boyfriend Eric Clapton, who played there. Very special thanks to Alix Chavasse for sharing this pic which comes from "The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit" facebook page.

1967, October 17th - English rock guitarist Eric Clapton, with girlfriend Charlotte Martine at London Airport. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images).

1967, October 17th - British blues-rock guitarist Eric Clapton of the rock group Cream, being interviewed at Los Angeles Airport. Charlotte Martin is seen in the middle (Photo by Corbis).

1967, December 5th - Eric Clapton and Charlotte Martin at the Apple Boutiques opening. From The Beatles Anthology DVD. Courtesy of Annie Page Barrett. Thank you!

1968 - Copenhaguen. Charlotte Martin (background) touring with Cream.

Life with Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page was introduced to Charlotte Martin on his 26th birthday on January 9th 1970 by Roger Daltrey and his girlfriend Heather Taylor after the Royal Albert Hall gig. Heather was convinced that Jimmy and Charlotte would hit it off: she was a young French model, slim, elegant blonde with perfect features, and she was Jimmy's type. Charlotte was used to the attention of musicians, but Jimmy was different. Compared to most rock musicians she'd met he seemed quite sophisticated. Quietly spoken, undemonstrative, but confident and quite sure of himself.
That night was the beginning of a long and stormy relationship of Jimmy and Charlotte. After the show got over Jimmy and Charlotte spoke for a long time and when she invited him back to her London flat, he agreed to go without a second thought, getting Richard Cole to drive them.
Groupie Miss Pamela Des Barres writes in her book I'm With the Band that Jimmy fell in intense and dramatic love with Charlotte on his birthday.

When Led Zeppelin gathered at Grant's office four days later to begin the drive down to their next show in Portsmouth, Charlotte was still on Jimmy's arm. With Pat Bonham. Maureen Plant and Mo Jones also joining the band on the road for the UK tour, suddenly Charlotte became the new 'Mrs. Page', the slot previously occupied by Miss Pamela. However, Jimmy's affair with Charlotte would remain in place a lot longer than his dalliance with the prettiest GTO. It was, in fact, the start of the first really significant love affair of the guitarist's life, and one he would remain true to even after the band had returned to the road in America. An almost unheard of sacrifice, even for the married men in the band, for Jimmy it was a sign of something much deeper. UK tour ended in Leeds later that month, they settled in Jimmy's Pangbourne Boathouse on the Thames, enjoying an Edward life-style along the river amid Jimmy's growing collections of antiques and pre-Raphaelite furniture.
Pamela Des Barres also writes "Miss Chirstine sent me a letter about Lady Charlotte, and my mind was stiffened like a stone''. Miss Chirstine, who was another member of GTO's, was living in London with musician Todd Rundgren at that time.

Richard Cole writes in his book Stairway to Heaven that "Charlotte was the type of girl who you couldn't look at just once. Tall. Thin. Blonde. Perfect features. You had to glance a second time''. But he also writes ''At least in her relationship with me, she was aloof, unfriendly, and indifferent''.

Jimmy and Charlotte had a stormy marriage, but they had one daughter Scarlet Page, born in March 24th 1971, who is now a photographer. When onstage for Page and Plant's 'Unledded' reunion in 1994, Robert Plant announced to the audience that Page's daughter, Scarlet was conceived "about half an hour" after "That's the Way" was written in Bron-Yr-Aur cottage, Wales. Then Jimmy took Charlotte and Robert took Maureen and their daughter Carmen with them.
Jimmy and Charlotte didn't have a good relationship the first half of the 1970s, but from the late 1970s 'till the beginning of the 1980s their relationship got better, and Jimmy was calling her 'my lady'. Jimmy threw elaborate parties for her at Plumpton Place and Old Mill House.
Especially, on her birthday, in 1982, Jimmy had a great party for her at their 'Old Mill House'. Some famous rock stars attended at the party, including Alan White (ex Yes) with his wife GiGi, and also attended Eric Clapton.
In around 1983, it was said that Charlotte had moved into another house in Windsor.

1970 - Charlotte and Jimmy Page at the Montreal Airport, waiting for their luggage.

Proud mum. Charlotte and baby Scarlet Lilith Eledia Page (born on 24th March 1971).
Many thanks to Miss Louah.

Charlotte and baby Scarlet Page were briefly shown during John Paul Jones' fantasy sequence for The Song Remains the Same, where he portrays a masked gentleman known as "The Scarecrow", who travels at night on horseback with three others and returns home to Sussex, an ordinary family man. The three other horsemen with him are a reference to the other band members. It was filmed in October 1973. Thematic music: "No Quarter". Screen capture made by us, if you use it, please, credit us, thanks!

1979, August 4th - A series of photos showing Charlotte and Jimmy arriving at Knebworth for Led Zeppelin's performance, that will be on 11th. Many thanks to Kana for the penultimate pic.

1980 - Charlotte, Jimmy and their daughter Scarlet, with Jim Capaldi's daughter, in Brazil.
Many thanks to Miss Louah.

A couple of pics of Charlotte and Jimmy, with the film director Michael Winner, at the premiere of the film Death Wish 2 in 1982.

Recent days and Artistic Career
Nowadays Jimmy Page is on good terms with Charlotte. He said in an interview at "The Independent" in 2004: "Every Christmas we are all together, all the mums and all the children (...). We are a close-knit family."
Charlotte has been married to Ernest D. Riall since 2005, and has two grand-children from her only daughter Scarlet.
Today Charlotte is an artist and painter. Through her painting she is exploring philosophically her escape from her dark childhood world, and the links she has with the 1960s pop culture remain strongly with her in her present search for the balance of chaos and sructure, as well as a need for looking through "frames within frames". To do this, Charlotte frequently uses nature as well as urban jungles as filters, sometimes using trees as a dominant source of inspiration, to create semi-astract images while using a palette of very bright and stimulating colours.
Exploring all of this is an enjoyable, yet challenging preoccupation, helping her to find equilirium in her life today and to be able to share this with the viewer.
She has exhibited in many venues in and around Maidenhead, Berkshire (England), where her studio is located. Charlotte has accepted various freelance commissions, and her art is represented in collections both local and further afield. 

2007, September 10th - Charlotte Martin, Scarlet Page and Jimmy Page at the launch of Scarlet's photography exhibition at The royal albert Hall, central London. The royal albert Hall hosted the launch of a photography exhibition by Scarlet Page, daughter of the legendary Led Zeppelin guitarrist Jimmy Page. The exhibition is entitled "Your Child" and is presented in association with War Child, and features musicians and artists with the children they value in their lives.

Charlotte Martin (left) during her interview for the 'Revolution' documentary, released on Summer 2008. For more info check: http://www.revolutiondocumentary.com/
In the documentary also appear Mick Fleetwood, Astrid Kirchherr, Donovan, Willie Nelson and other legendary music related people. (Many thanks to Kana!)

Charlotte Martin, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, taken by Nettie Baker. November 2009 in London. From the Ginger Baker Official Fan Page.

Charlotte Martin Official Website.